April 21, 2024

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List Of Cheap Maid Insurance In Singapore

When you need some extra help around the house, it is best to hire a maid. In this case, if you are thinking of you getting house help, you can start searching for the cheapest maid insurance in Singapore.

In order to assist you in your search, we have listed some of the cheapest maid insurances in Singapore.

6  Cheap Maid Insurance In Singapore

1.     HLAS Maid Insuranc

With the HLAS Maid Insurance, you will get up to sixty thousand dollars in case your foreign helper experiences some injury or illness. Besides, the medical expenses of your maid because of an accident will get reimbursed. As an employer, you can also save money with the help of this insurance as it offers members’ rates for the purpose of outpatient dental and GP visits.

This insurance policy will further cover medical check-ups twice a year at members’ rates at more than fifty clinics. If you are renewing your maid insurance in Singapore, you will receive free vouchers worth fifty dollars from HLAS Maid Insurance. Moreover, you will also receive coverage for other infectious diseases such as Avian Influenza, Malaria, Dengue, COVID-19, HFMD, and SARS. As a result, you will be able to save money on your maid’s medical expenses.

2.     Etiqa Maid Insurance

When you choose Etiqa Maid Insurance, you will get different kinds of coverage for the medical expenses of your maid. They include repatriation, protection for personal accidents, and a hospital income plan.

So, if your maid happens to be hospitalised for some reason, you do not need to worry about the hospital expenses. Other benefits that you will get include medical reimbursement, termination, wage compensation, and re-hiring expense.

3.     MSIG Maid Insurance

MSIG Maid Insurance will not only provide you with sixty thousand dollars in personal accident coverage but also a thousand dollars for other medical expenses. Your domestic help will also receive fifteen thousand dollars for surgical and hospitalisation charges from this policy. In case your house help gets hospitalised for a period of thirty days, you will get a reimbursement of fifty dollars during this time each day.

If your maid dies due to an accident, MSIG Maid Insurance will provide personal accident coverage. Few medical expense coverage that this insurance provides includes TCM and dental treatment.

Moreover, this maid insurance policy will make sure that you comply with the regulations by issuing a Letter of Guarantee to MOM or the Ministry of Manpower worth five thousand dollars.

4.     FWD Maid Insurance

If your house help runs into an accident, you, as their employer, will have to rush them to the hospital and cover their medical expenses. However, with the FWD Maid Insurance policy, you will get coverage not only for medical expenses but also you will receive the same in case of accidents.

You will further have to bear no additional costs for any pre-existing conditions that your maid suffers from. It is because your maid will get several health benefits.

Another advantage of selecting FWD Maid Insurance is that you will get a hundred percent refund if you cancel your policy within a period of three months.

5, Sompo Maid Insurance

Sompo Maid Insurance offers a personal accident coverage that goes up to seventy thousand dollars. It is given at the time of permanent disability as well as accidental death.

With this policy, you can also provide your maid with treatments from private and public hospitals in Singapore.

If your domestic help gets into an accident where they have a bodily injury, you will get a domestic helper liability from this policy. It also provides the same liability coverage for property damage.

In addition, if, due to some physical illness you need to send your maid to their home country, you will receive coverage for repatriation expenses.

6. AXA SmartHelper Helper Insurance

The factor that employers need to consider while choosing maid insurance in Singapore is to select an insurance policy that protects their house helps as well as themselves. If you are looking for such a policy, AXA SmartHelper Helper Insurance is your best option.

Some of the coverage that you will receive are repatriation expenses, critical illness protection, hospitalisation charges, and personal liability coverage. So, if you are looking for how to buy critical illness insurance plan in Singapore, you can select this plan. Additionally, you can even extend the coverage by including dental care.

Moreover, no matter where your domestic help is, this insurance policy will let you as an employer offer 24/7 coverage.