April 21, 2024

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Key Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Temporary Staffing Agency: Charles Spinelli

These days, the demand for temporary staffing companies is rising across the industries. There are a host of reasons as well as benefits that encourage businesses like hospitality, mining, construction, landscaping, IT, etc. to opt for temporary staff to meet the client’s requirements in peak season instead of investing in full-time in-house staff. According to Charles Spinelli, hiring temp staff is an affordable choice and boosts profitability since, the employer is not supposed to pay salaries alongside other mandatory benefits, energy leaves, or even for training or upskilling the temporary staff.

Typically, temp staffing companies connect businesses with temporary workers for a fortnight, month, or even a year or more and help them access talented temporary staff. They remain responsible for preparing payroll and paying taxes, taking interviews, and checking candidate backgrounds before taking them into their pool of potential workers.

However, before hiring the services of temporary staffing agencies, it is important to consider certain factors to get a reliable service provider out of the masses.

Continue reading the article and consider the factors before finalizing the agency.

  1. Area of Specialization

The foremost thing that businesses need to verify is whether or not the staffing company is specializing in temporary staffing services. For instance, if a company working in the software development industry, it should ensure that the provider is known for providing temporary staff in different fields including software-related jobs. This will help the company to get skilled and well-prepared software developers to take care of their large-scale temporary projects.

  1. On-boarding Process

The objective behind working with a temporary staffing agency is that pooled with skilled talents in different industries, like construction, landscaping, mining, commercial cleaning, and IT among others, the company helps get access to the required staff in a quick manner with their wide reach in the job market. This becomes beneficial for a company to face minimal difficulties in the onboarding process.

Knowing the requirements before onboarding will help in understanding the feasibility of opting for the particular temp staffing company. For instance, in the event, wherein a business needs temporary employees for a one-month project, however for onboarding, the company will have to wait for nearly a week, then it is meaningless to get services of the staffing company. It makes sense to look for other options.

  1. Verify Their Hiring Process

As per Charles Spinelli, it is better to consider a few things before opting for staff from a temporary staffing agency, businesses need to check their whole hiring process. Verify their source of pooling different skilled employees.

How do they conduct background checks and whether the process is reliable? Do they interview candidates face-to-face before shortlisting? If their source is a different entity, the businesses will end up paying excess charges as their commission. If so, working directly with that entity or other company is worthwhile. Regardless of, whether the project work is a month-long or for a year, a background check including criminal background is vital for the effective functioning of the company.

  1. The Standard of Services

Before choosing a company for temporary hiring, it is vital to ensure that the agency is reliable and offers high-quality services. Most employers that search for temporary-staff, want to get skilled and qualified staff who are prepared to get started almost immediately. Therefore make sure of the understated pointers.

  • Transparency in the process;
  • The company adheres to compliance standards and procedures;
  • Timeline-oriented services;
  • Take care of customer issues as well as their grievances immediately.

Make sure to get a clientele from the service provider and go through the same, testimonials available on the corporate website of the company. Inquire with clients who have opted for their temporary services to get a thorough insight into their experiences in terms of the services, reliability, and professionalism of the staffing company.